Editorial Policy

FooDiva and that includes her guest writers, review restaurants anonymously, whilst paying their own way. This ‘no freebies’ policy means you can trust FooDiva reviewers to speak their mind, and to share ‘impartial, intelligent restaurant reviews’. The reviews offer constructive feedback, and are simply the opinion of FooDiva alone. FooDiva does dine with guests to allow for a greater variety of dishes and a better representation of the dining out experience.

FooDiva likes to give new restaurants one month to settle in before visiting for a review – unless a restaurant chooses to publicly announce soon after opening in which case we may review earlier. Licensed restaurants serving alcohol are scored on a one to five knife rating which reflects the dining experience on five parameters – food (from presentation to taste), service, location, interior, atmosphere and value for money:

  • One knife – don’t even think about dining here
  • Two knives – poor and forgettable
  • Three knives – average
  • Four knives – excellent in most parts, but not all
  • Five knives – an extraordinary and perfect dining experience

Restaurants and F&B suppliers – please do monitor your reviews and feel free to respond to your customers by using the comments function. You can turn a negative experience into something positive and improve customer satisfaction.

PRs – feel free to notify us of new openings so we can add restaurants to a review wish list. In addition, FooDiva has a number of other sections – celebrity chef interviews, food & drink features, foodie happenings and culinary travel – so please do consider these in your pitches. With the UAE’s growing dining scene, we are inundated with requests to attend restaurant launches, menu tastings, cooking classes and new chef introductions. If there is a learning and time allows, we may attend the odd event, but coverage on the FooDiva site cannot be guaranteed. We may however share some newsy snippets on FooDiva’s InstagramTwitter and Facebook channels.

Last but not least, as an online publisher we are ultimately responsible for the content on FooDiva so here is our privacy policy and code of ethics.

A bientôt.

FooDiva. x

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