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  • 18Oct 2017
    Play brunch - Dubai brunches - Mr & Mrs Brunch - FooDiva

    10 new brunches in Dubai (2017/ 2018)


    “Do you ever get bored of brunching?” rings the familiar chime of questioning that starts many of our conversations with brunch lovers and brunch cynics alike. The response...

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  • 7Nov 2016
    Waldorf Astoria Dubai brunch - Dubai brunches - Mr & Mrs Brunch - Foodiva

    Top 8 brunches in Dubai (2016/ 2017)


    Brunch is a funny old thing. What began as a mere hobby for us all those years ago has now spawned into a way of life. Our lonely kitchen will attest to this fact, and as our current record...

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  • 22Oct 2014
    Sofitel Downtown Dubai's Street Food Festival Brunch

    Top 8 brunches in Dubai


    With the rather long steamy summer behind us now, brunch season is in full swing, so back by popular demand is this year’s Dubai round-up. I have purposely pulled together a selection that differs from...

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  • 21Oct 2013
    Vida Downtown picnic brunch

    Top 10 brunches in Dubai


    Believe it or not, Dubai has its very own Wikipedia entry under brunch – alongside you’d think New York perhaps, but no rather bizarrely, Canada. No other country or city features. Why is brunch here in Dubai such an institution, more so than anywhere else in the world?

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