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  • 16Nov 2010
    Yin Yang's starter of BBQ pork slices

    FooDiva’s last supper…in Nepal

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    Kathmandu; Given FooDiva’s mission was to sample cuisine from as many countries as possible in Nepal, last night I opted for Thai. I chose Yin Yang because it shared the same owner as Third Eye (the previous night’s Indian treat), and is renowned in Kathmandu as the best Thai, if not the best restaurant in town. […]

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  • 15Nov 2010
    Third Eye's tasty tandoori chicken

    An Indian in Nepal?

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    Kathmandu; I am still reeling from last night’s fabulous Indian dinner at Third Eye restaurant in central Thamel. Well given I was craving authentic Indian dal it’s no surprise I suppose. The resto’s speciality is tandoori chicken so I ordered half, along with a portion of dal makani, basmati rice with juniper berries and cucumber […]

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  • 14Nov 2010
    Swayambhunath Buddhist temple

    A FooDiva Peak


    Kathmandu; Well as I sit bleary eyed in the Kathmandu sun (lucky for me winter does not arrive until next month) sipping jasmine leaf tea, here’s a bit of an update. Incase you’re wondering, the red eyes are thanks to a 4.30am start all for the sake of Mount Everest. Lazy me, opted for a jetstream […]

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  • 13Nov 2010
    Nepali & Newari cuisine

    A Nepalese Namaste


    Kathmandu; Namaste from Nepal! You’re probably wondering why on earth FooDiva has descended on Nepal…well believe it or not, you can eat like a king in the capital Kathmandu, thanks to the influx of international travellers over the years. Restaurants literally offer cuisine from around the world…aside from Nepal, you have Tibet, China, India, Japan, […]

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