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  • 31Jul 2012
    Chez Charles gourmet grocery website

    Chez Charles delivers chez nous, plus another diva!


    Dubai; Even though many a local farmers market has popped up across Dubai over the last year, sadly most produce is still imported and coupled with the ongoing issue of seasonality, we often struggle to find gourmet ingredients. But what if....

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  • 5Apr 2012
    Finer Things

    It’s the finer things in life that count


    A couple of weeks ago, a friend asked if I'd like to join him for a booze run to Barracuda in Umm Al Quwain. I immediately piped up, "forget the booze, I wanna go to Finer Things, the gourmet deli store next door."

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  • 23May 2011
    From farm to table - Bumble Box

    The new buzz, Bumble Box sows its local, organic seed in Dubai


    Dubai; On the odd occasion that FooDiva eats in, I try where possible to buy local produce, and when I say local I mean from the U.A.E, not the wider Middle East and North Africa region. The Farmers’ Market at Souk Al Bahar was a forerunner in the drive to bring farm to table – […]

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  • 3May 2011
    FooDiva checks into Euro foodie zone

    FooDiva checks into Euro foodie zone

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    There’s not much I miss from my past life in Europe, but one thing’s for sure, café society when the sun’s shining is hard to beat. So if you’re heading to Continental Europe this summer, read on. Calling on Dusseldorf, Cologne, Maastricht, Brussels and Knokke in six days, here’s FooDiva’s take on their local foodie […]

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  • 28Mar 2011
    Sweet at Movenpick Bur Dubai

    Sweet, Sprungli and Swiss


    Dubai; When I heard that Sprüngli, the famous 175-year old Swiss confectioner was retailing sweet goodies at Mövenpick Hotel & Apartments Bur Dubai, another Swiss success story, a FooDiva review suddently jumped to the top of my wish list. I should add the review that follows is a result of a tasting session, where FooDiva was invited – […]

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  • 22Oct 2010
    Ooh la la…Chocolat…

    Ooh la la…Chocolat…


    Dubai, October 22nd, 2010: As I set off on my road trip to Ras Al Khaimah yesterday, I had visions of one of my favourite movies ‘Chocolat’, with Juliette Binoche (flanked by Johnny Depp of course) stirring chilli pods into her chocolate ganache. You’re probably wondering how on earth chocolate relates to Ras Al Khaimah. […]

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  • 1Sep 2010
    FooDiva in the Forbidden City

    FooDiva in the Forbidden City

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    Wednesday, 1st September, Beijing: FooDiva’s first foodie experience in the Forbidden City got off to a heavenly start last night – just two words really Beijing duck (otherwise known as Peking duck). It’s always been top of my list of Chinese foodie delights, and after last night it shall continue to be. ‘Da Dong’ which […]

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