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  • 31May 2011
    Spicy chips a la AirFryer

    Are healthy fries possible? FooDiva tests Philips’ AirFryer


    Dubai; When it comes to kitchen products, FooDiva's a sucker for gadgets with gimmicks, and I guess that's how I ended up testing the relatively new-kid-on-the-block, Philips AirFryer. Well that, and Philips' PR machine. Philips AirFryerI sliced my potatoes lengthwise into 1.5cm strips leaving the skin on (800g for four servings), and tossed them in my concoction of olive oil (just one teeny tablespoon), plus some ground pepper, chilli and curry spices - making sure to coat them. I then scooped them into the AirFryer basket which had been plugged in, pre-heating for three minutes at 180C. Turned the dial to 22 minutes, letting them cook, whilst turning occasionally. Now the gizmo's technology is based on diffusing hot air with a grill component to fry the chips, as opposed to sinful amounts of oil.

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