Top 4 rosé wines under AED100 (column 5)

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They say that things happen when you least expect it, and here we are, recommending rosé wines. You may know that I’m not a big fan of rosé, so I tend to discourage people from drinking the pink stuff. The truth is, many drink rosé for their colour, and the paler or sweeter the better. As a sommelier, I see wines from all angles and I would not drink something only because it reminds me of a sunset. Rosé may be shade-perfect for a Mediterranean instagram snap, but that has nothing to do with flavour. When choosing a rosé you should look for flavour, origin, and veer more towards savoury notes rather than sweet. A great sommelier once told me that rosé should be fresh like white wine with the complexity of reds. In my recommendations below, are two of my personal favourites, and two that are a little sweeter – however both varieties are amazing at this price point and for all palates.

Special thanks to both MMI and A&E where you can buy these wines, in addition to duty free of course. As usual, please note this column contains references to alcohol, and is therefore only for reading if you are of a legal drinking age in your country of residence (21 years in the UAE) and non-Muslim.

So here’s our fifth column of four rosé wines under AED100 (including tax!) Let us know what you think in the comments or on social media using the hashtag #FooDivaVino. If you missed them, here are the previous columns. Cin cin 🙂

Santa Cristina Cipresseto, Italy, 2015 - Wines in UAE - #FooDivaVinoFabre Cuvee Serpolet Rose, France, 2015 - Wines in UAE - #FooDivaVinoMarques de Caceres Rioja Rose, Spain, 2015 - Wines in UAE - #FooDivaVinoSauvion Rose D’Anjou, France, 2014 - Wines in UAE - #FooDivaVino

Santa Cristina Cipresseto, Italy, 2015 – Tuscany produces some of the greatest Italian red wines from the Sangiovese grape and this rosé is no exception. Tenuous pink in colour, the nose is not red fruit-driven, but rather citrusy with elements of rose petal. It’s a great choice for rosé lovers who prefer to avoid strong red berry flavours. Very light in alcohol, the palate is savoury, low in tannins and quite round. The acidity is well balanced with the alcohol level. This rosé complements well with salads such as tomato and onion, caprese, or a platter of Italian cold cuts. AED57 + tax from MMI. 

Fabre Cuvee Serpolet Rose, France, 2015 – This tipple is a typical Provence rosé – a blend of Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault. The colour is pale salmon and is quite earthy on the nose with hints of red berries. The palate is dry and savoury with a few strawberry notes. The end brings quite good acidity with a medium finish. Definitely a rosé to watch for those who love it light. It’s a fantastic drink on its own – great for al fresco drinking in the afternoon accompanied by a fresh fruit platter and crudites with a pinzimonio (seasoned olive oil) dip. AED60 + tax from A&E. 

Marques de Caceres Rioja Rose, Spain, 2015 – A truly terroir Rioja rosé, from a blend of Tempranillo and a small amount of Garnacha Tinta. It’s a delicious strawberry colour that showcases sweet red berries on the nose with citrus elements. The palate is round, sweet in flavour with some tannic and earthy elements at the end. Best drank by those who love the sweet style of rosé. Complements a seafood paella or barbequed prawns and calamari. AED52 + tax from MMI. 

Sauvion Rose D’Anjou, France, 2014 – A Cabernet Franc-based rosé from the Loire Valley is always a favourite amongst rosé drinkers. Dark pink in colour, the nose is quite fruity with strong red berry and citrus notes. The palate is predominantly dry and tannic, with complex fruit flavours and strong hints of gooseberries at the end. This is a great alternative for those who prefer complex rosé varieties. It’s perfect for pairing with prosciutto crudo and melon, or sweet and sour pork with roasted pineapple. AED51 + tax from A&E. 

WHO IS LUCA GAGLIARDI? Sommelier by birth, and Michelin-starred trained maître d’, Luca dedicated a decade to the service of world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay. His CV boasts restaurants and bars including Roberto’s, Iris, Solo and R TraderIn his spare time, Luca is in his state-of-the-art home kitchen cooking for friends and discovering new wines, typically anything but rosé! You can follow him on his wine blog Tasted and Rated, Twitter at @sommelierdubai and on Instagram at @simonelucagagliardi

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