“If you can’t eat it, drink it” – cheers to the Juice Master

Dubai; Have you heard of the Juice Master, aka Jason Vale – otherwise known as the ‘Jamie Oliver of the health and juicing world’? If not then you’d better read on, and if you have like me, then perhaps FooDiva can enlighten you further. I am also feeling a tad guilty because I’ve been over-indulging you with so much yummilicious food, that I feel inclined to share some more health conscious news.

Jason, the Juice Master juicing the world

Jason, the Juice Master juicing the world

FooDiva caught up with Jason, whilst he was in town for Taste of Dubai courtesy of Philips – he’s the face of their Alu Juicer. Now Jason used to suffer from psoriasis, eczema, asthma and hay fever, and if that wasn’t enough, he was also overweight, a heavy drinker and smoker. By his own admission he was addicted to an unhealthy lifestyle, but realised that he needed to take drastic action and stop smoking and drinking, whilst also sorting out his nutritional habits to ultimately save himself.

“I hated salads, I thought vegetables were for freaks, so I had to re-educate myself. But I read a little book on juicing and it transformed my world. If I can’t eat it, I’ll drink it. I started experimenting with all kinds of juices and that was it. I lost weight, my skin got better – juice was like liquid gold.”

Jason firmly believes that every household should own a juicer, same way it has a kettle. “I want people to feel they can walk into someone’s house and be offered a freshly squeezed juice, rather than a cup of tea or coffee – it shouldn’t be too much trouble.”

Juicing can help those with all sorts for ailments from IBS and hay fever right through to obesity. But all can benefit. “I look at it that everyone requires an investment into their health bank account. And when you have a freshly extracted juice every day, the earlier you can apply that, no matter who you are, it will be preventative more than curative.”

Jason would start you off with a seven day all-day juicing programme to transform you towards an alkaline body so that you no longer crave those other ‘addictions.’ But dependent on how toxic your body is, be warned you may be in for a longer stint.

You do of course have to watch out for fruits’ high sugar content, but as long as it’s raw and freshly juiced (and not heated or cooked in anyway) – and with a little avocado thrown in for the fat to slow down the absorption of sugar, you’re onto a winner.

Here are Jason’s top five recommended fruit and veg:

Avocados – for its abundance of essential fatty acids that help the human body function, and regulate the appetite. Yes it may be calorie-ridden, but if you go on a fat-free diet you will end up hungry all the time, or consume more calories through other foods. Jason would even go as far as claiming that you could live exclusively on avocados. Mind you, FooDiva would miss all her restaurant outings.

Bananas did you know they are technically a herb? Try for fair trade or organic – they help fuel the body.

Broccoli – a super food. Juice the stem and eat the rest.

Ginger – technically it’s not a veg, but it’s a natural antihistamine.

Apples – it’s easy to get hold of good quality apples in most countries, plus they taste nice and juice well. And remember an apple a day, keeps the doctor away…

Now FooDiva’s a huge fan of wheatgrass. Every time I have a juice shot, and you can buy it from most fresh juice shops in our malls, I feel so alive and energised for the next day or so. Wheatgrass is actually sprouted wheat, but rest assured gluten-free for those with intolerances. Jason calls it a “superstar, the celebrity of the juicing world.”  It contains 20-odd amino acids, plus every vitamin and mineral. Just to give you an idea one single shot of wheatgrass juice is equivalent to over a kilo of veg!

Jason was in Dubai on an educational visit with Philips to help spread his juicing wisdom around the world. He is incredibly inspirational on stage when he’s doing one of his demos…you almost want to start juicing away immediately. When he first came across the Alu Juicer, he was so amazed that it could take three whole apples and it was so much easier to clean,“I thought juicing had gone broadband!”

Wait for the best bit…Jason’s juices are available right on our doorstep at Dubai Mall (Planet Nutrition) and at Etihad Mall on Al Khawaneej Road (Food Court). For more information on the Philips Alu Juicer, click here. Approximate retail price AED 585. Call 800 7445 477 for UAE stockists. The Juice Master website is a treasure trove of information, so do check it out before buying one of his nine books, and the juicer of course.

Happy juicing!

A bientôt.

FooDiva. x

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2 Responses to ““If you can’t eat it, drink it” – cheers to the Juice Master”

  1. Mark Gatty Saunt March 9, 2011 at 4:56 pm

    So it’s the stem of the broccoli I should be juicing and not the florets. No wonder I wasn’t getting any blood from the stone. Thanks for the tip. I’m a juicing freak!

    • FooDiva March 9, 2011 at 5:03 pm

      Ha, yes I learnt something new as well!

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